February 23, 2004

Moody strikes back

A few weeks ago, Ben Moody opened his own website: just a few news for the moment, but this guy seems to have many projects in his pocket: musical projects and... movies projects! More on VH1.com's Artist Main: Evanescence: Ben Moody Bringing Kelly Clarkson's Music To Life. We can learn there that he is still working with David Hodges (in studio, Evanescence are Amy Lee + Ben Moody + David Hodges); this fact is interesting: will David Hodges continue to work with the new Evanescence, or will he go to work with Moody (or both...)? In an interview following the Rock Am Ring 2003 show of Evanescence, Amy Lee said that she is a bit tired of touring and want to go back to write music; on the contrary Moody loves to perform live (and in fact he is a very good live guitare player, better than in studio I think). So my question for the moment is: who was writing music for Evanescence?
Nevermind, Evanescence won 2 Grammy's, and this ceremony was a moment of peace around the band: Amy, Ben and David were all there (more on Ben's website: Evanescence won 2 Grammy's).

Other cool Evanescence websites to explore:

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