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Knowledge Visualization Applets in Java

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December 30, 2004

Knowledge Visualization Applets in Java

Following my entry about mindmapping tools,

    Knowledge Visualization Applets:

  • Thinkmap (“Thinkmap is designed to improve the ability of users to browse through complex information. It allows for interactive, dynamic filtering and the display of structured information without overwhelming the user or undermining the depth of the information resource.”);
  • TheBrain Technologies Corporation (“Collapsing the Time to Knowledge”);
  • Inxight Software (“Discover the True Value of Information”);
  • TouchGraph (open source);
  • at last, The Ceryle Project, which is more a knowledge management application than an applet (“Ceryle is a free tool to help you get organized. If you use a lot of post it notes, are a writer, journalist, researcher, student, or anyone compiling a lot of information for a project, maybe just trying to organize your recipes, bookmarks, or your MP3 collection, Ceryle is designed to assist you in keeping track of things. Ceryle includes features to help you store, find and even visualize your information, using what is called a graph visualization. Those same graphs also enable you to create structures for your documents, see relationships between ideas, and even generate composite documents based on those structures, like building a book from its chapters or a screenplay from its scenes.”).

(The first three via Swing Sightings Volume 4Knowledge Visualization Applets, the last from Keith on Wednesday, December 29, 2004).

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