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March 27, 2004

From goth to goth

Tonight and yesterday's night, I dreamed of Evanescence.
The first dream was about Amy Lee. I was doing a personal interview of this drama queen in her house, asking her about many things: the life, music and the rest. All was very good until my question about the way Ben and her were used to compose music (who wrote what?) and when I asked about the departure of David Hodges and Ben Moody (I do not know who left the first). I saw a little white and pink piano... and today I found this sad story about Amy's brother (photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). She had a very sad childhood, it seems to be (I was very sad today learning a bit of her family story), but I think she is actually a millionaire, so why are their parents obliged to sell her piano for only US $6,600.00 (auction on e-bay), that's fewer than what I earned in one year for my book, so she, with a multi-platinum album!!! Hum... misunderstanding... maybe...
The second was about the arrest of Ben Moody for drug traffic lol. I was playing a very stupid friend.
Well. All these facts are going to make me feel obviously strange. First: serendipidy (the piano) is crawling into my nights... that's terrific! Second, I listen too much to Evanescence. When composing, if I start to write something with choirs, strings and all the orchestra (in Orff's style), when I need electric guitars, I fall into Whisper... that's not good for my creativity... Let's find something original for our masterpiece ;)

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March 09, 2004

Second installment of YtseJam Records bootlegs!!!

Available on YtseJam Records website:

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March 06, 2004

Wandering in IoC lands

Someone seems to have listened to me: in Draft: Introduction to (IoC) Container Internals (LSD::RELOAD), Leo Simons introduces his new paper, an Introduction to (IoC) Container Internals. I've just read the beginning and must confess I understood nothing... Same result with PicoContainer Inversion of Control and IoC Types (there are many things to read there). After these sad news for my intellect, I took a look at the Apache corner: HiveMind Inversion of Control and Avalon IOC Patterns. Same noisy result. The IoC Introduction on Javangelist was just a bit clearer (with what seems to be a good pros and cons part)...
Well, I must be dumb, or theses guys are not pedagogist. My evil plan: read Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern by Martin Fowler and The Dependency Inversion Principle from Object Mentor, Inc..

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March 05, 2004

Que de détours!

Tonight I ordered the german version of the MAXI single Bring Me To Life from Evanescence, which contains the title Missing (I only own the Enhanced MAXI single with Farther Away and the video of BMTL).
BUT I ordered it on (Japan), it's a product coming from Germany via the USA!
I hope that Amazon really has this disc somewhere...

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March 04, 2004

Voilà pourquoi je suis nul en informatique

C'est vrai ça, moi je croyais souvent ce que disais les professeurs, j'étais un élève sage, etc. Ce n'est pas avec le "voilà ce que vous devez savoir sur Java" que je pouvais m'en sortir dans ce monde cruel. Au final je suis une bite et si quelqu'un peut me trouver un bon livre sur la pattern IoC (Inversion of Control), je suis preneur!
Next trimester I'll be following the "Introduction to programming with Java" class that is mandatory for all physics students. Oh, joy.

"In this course, students are introduced to a modern, visual development and programming environment (they dare call JBuilder modern!) based on the programming language Java. They will also learn to think algorithmically (no, its not a word in Dutch either) by analysis of non-trivial problems (from what I've heard, add some missing pieces into a GUI cd database). Subjects include elementary object-oriented concepts such as classes, instances, methods and attributes (they mean fields here I presume)."

All lectures and assignments are mandatory. Boy, am I looking forward to biting my tongue as a CompSci student reviews my code...

(On LSD::RELOAD: Mandatory java 101...oh, c'mon!, and the follow-up here: Mandatory java 101...not really)

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