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March 04, 2004

Voilà pourquoi je suis nul en informatique

C'est vrai ça, moi je croyais souvent ce que disais les professeurs, j'étais un élève sage, etc. Ce n'est pas avec le "voilà ce que vous devez savoir sur Java" que je pouvais m'en sortir dans ce monde cruel. Au final je suis une bite et si quelqu'un peut me trouver un bon livre sur la pattern IoC (Inversion of Control), je suis preneur!
Next trimester I'll be following the "Introduction to programming with Java" class that is mandatory for all physics students. Oh, joy.

"In this course, students are introduced to a modern, visual development and programming environment (they dare call JBuilder modern!) based on the programming language Java. They will also learn to think algorithmically (no, its not a word in Dutch either) by analysis of non-trivial problems (from what I've heard, add some missing pieces into a GUI cd database). Subjects include elementary object-oriented concepts such as classes, instances, methods and attributes (they mean fields here I presume)."

All lectures and assignments are mandatory. Boy, am I looking forward to biting my tongue as a CompSci student reviews my code...

(On LSD::RELOAD: Mandatory java 101...oh, c'mon!, and the follow-up here: Mandatory java 101...not really)

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