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Some things for your hearing

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January 24, 2004

Some things for your hearing

Last year, when talking drums with Emmanuel, I said him I did some percussions in my childhood and that with time I discovered in me small aptitudes to write scores for percussions. As a small example, I released a remix (well, a sort of “proof of concepts” lol) of SouvImage Part 6: And into Paradise....
The MP3 file is very big (11.7 Mo for 5:07 min – 320 kbps, stereo, 44.1kHz). The mix was done with Digital Sound Planet's Quartz AudioMaster Freeware (it was my first try with this tools). I am so sorry for the crappy sound when there are too many instruments (grand piano wide range chords). :-(
As I said before, I will make new versions on these songs and all will be remixed (and many parts also rescored). Same story for the name of the song, the scoring, strange chords and instruments: I will explain all of that later.
Keep watching!

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