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February 11, 2004

Ambient stupidity

Music activism seems to be in the air (Downhill Battle). I am personally not a pro-RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), but on the other side I am not against (things could change). Okay, fight the RIAA to get good music on radio, but it won't change the main problem (cos the RIAA is a false problem): people do not want to buy music anymore. When I tell friends that I bought this albums and MAXI cd-s, they look at me eyes wide opened... To buy music is nomore a reflex. If the buying-real-products-usage is broken, we could solve easily that problem with subscriptions systems, but pirates will still prosperate, it's soo easy to copy...
Nevertheless, I am a pro-sharing activist: I listen often to music on or before buying something, and I like to encode MP3-s for friends when I love songs, hoping they will buy the album. MP3-s are socio-technical viruses, spreading very fast and widely. We must fight against those stupids anti-copy systems and too restrictive right management systems, okay. For me social software seem to be the final solution: use social networks systems to confine music sharing to small networks of friends (the further of the epi-center you are, the worst will be the quality of my shared MP3-s).

So, if you like stupid spoofing, watch the PEPSI / APPLE SUPERBOWL PARODY 2004, or if you love dumb (but funny) ads, take a look at What a Crappy Present (our society is going mad, why are we starting to exchange presents? It makes me sad...). Another one: Send Them Back!! (good kind of activism, good play on words with the verb "to steal" in our dematerializationing and ubiquious economy).

(Via Joi Ito's Web: Pepsi / Apple Superbowl Parody )

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