March 31, 2003

It can't be only one

Via Erik's Weblog (Monday, March 31, 2003 [@469]):
In "NewsForge: The Online Newspaper of Record for Linux and Open Source": “Open Source needs centralized PR, not development”:

I disagree with this idea that open-source projects must stop competing. Competition between developers leads to a creative process and, following darwinian laws, this process lets only the best projects survive.
I also disagree when the author is saying that is “primarily useful to "inner circle" people who already use or work on open source software.” The search engine of is very useful to find a project which can feet your needs, and only the knowledge of's existence is necessary. In fact, it would be more useful to make a greater promotion of this wonderful “vital resource”!
And finaly, I do not think we need a “unified "Linux and open source public voice"”, IBM is already here (eveywhere?). The diffusion of the open-source spirit will result of the swarming penetration of open-source developers in companies and from education of individuals.

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