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April 03, 2003

April Fools

I did not post on the 1st of April, I was too busy.
But Jim O'Connell from made a hilarious “parody” of Joi Ito's Web. I love especialy the Pope entry:

Brunch with the Pope [ Po-Blogging ]

Had brunch with the Pope this morning at St. Peter's in Rome. I set him up with a Movable Type blog and started to explain how blogging could possibly replace the sacrament of confession, if we could somehow just arrange a trackback ping to God.
He was a bit unconvinced, but after seeing a few blogs, he realized that more sins are confessed on a typical blog than in any confessional booth.
I started to explain that the Apostles were a lot like bloggers but he just kept bugging me to ride my Segway. When I finally let him take a spin around the square, he wound up crashing it into a statue and DENTED it.
It's like 3 days old and the old geezer dented it. (Oh, I think he may have broken a hip, too.)

But take a look at the website, there are photos!

(Via "Joi Ito's Web": “April Fools - Joy of Being Ito Web”)

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