April 07, 2003

The american way of being God

Via "OSNews" - “Steve Jobs the Best Paid CEO in US”:

Steve Jobs (Apple Computer, Inc.) was paid more than 116.3 millions of dollars last year (according to Forbes). Steve is now the most well paid CEO in US. OSNews suggests, if we consider Apple's main income comes from Mac machines (743,000 sold out in 2002), it represents an average $155 “Jobs Tax” on each computer bought by a Mac user.
Although we must interpret those numbers correctly (the same thing happened in 2001, Fortune told that he got 872 million of dollars and Steve decided to lighten this affair), we can see that Jobs is going on cashing in spite of the the biggest tech down turn in probably 20 years.
But the question is now: is Steve Jobs overpaid? He kept Apple profitable, launched new computers (iMacs, iBooks), a wonderful new OS (Mac OS X) and so on... However, all these ideas were in the wind, yes... he only made them become real.
So, if Apple would probably have done better keeping its cash, paying more employees, reducing prices, investing in R&D... why this situation?
The answer might be somewhere else, as someone said in an OSNews comments:

The United States version of the Dalai Lama.

I mean he is *so* enlightened and really made computers enlightened too! Steve has devoted his entire life to bringing common computing to the common (wo)man to the joys of enlightenment through the most enlightened Operating System and colored plastic.

They say just being in the presence of Jobs brings one to enlightended states of oneness. Even his helicopter is enlightened!!

Nevertheless “Macs are NOT made by elves living in the Magic Kingdom”, so maybe Jobs could apply a modesty function to his income.

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