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A bit of Alpha Malehood...

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July 15, 2003

A bit of Alpha Malehood...

On "Halley's Comment": Alpha Male Links -- Lessons 1 through 18 (via "Joi Ito's Web": Hey, Halley, Here I Am).

Hum... This is really funny, sometimes sad... sometimes true (from my point of view). But at the end, I think this is too easy to say that, I mean life is far more complex, far more contextual.

Here is an excerpt, to laugh a bit:

We were surely leaving a "I Wanna Girl Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad." era, to a "I Married A Girl Just Like Dear Old Dad And She's Got A 7:30 Board Meeting." Yes, it was no more "Hi, Honey, I'm Home. What's For Dinner" but rather "Hi Honey, I'm Home And Of Course I Picked Up Junior From Daycare And Got Take-Out Chinese Because You''ll Be Glued To The Computer All Night Doing That Excel Spreadsheet You Didn't Get Done Last Night When I Wanted To Have Sex, But, Oh Yeah, I Remember, We Don't Have Time For That Anymore."

This one from How To Become An Alpha Male -- Lesson 16: Power Play: for me, this is the part of the essay to be too simple... reality is more fine grained, a complex social grid of inter-relations.
I am now looking for an “Alpha Girl”...

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