August 06, 2003

Go dumb

"A Japanese researcher, Akio Mori, from the Nihon University's College of Humanities and Sciences, claims to have found a link between the playing of video games and the balance of activity in the brain. It is also claimed that this effect can cause behavioural changes, such as lack of concentration, difficulty with social association, and short temper. These effects are also thought to be, to some extent, nonreversible."

(On Slashdot: Video Games Found To Decrease Brain Activity, via TIg3rt Labs: A Quote from the scene.)

A bit more here.

In fact, this is a bit strange, cos I have heard an opposite story about Quake some times ago.

Posted by Jean-Philippe on August 06, 2003 at 10:07 AM 18 Comments, 1007 TrackBacks

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