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Six months after

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July 05, 2004

Six months after

Time to re-think,
time to check,
time to put crosses to mark the spots.

What can I say of my new resolutions, six months after?

  • “sleep less, do not work at night”: I sleep less, but I need to go further, and I am still working at night :-(, problem which is becoming to be really disturbing for me;

  • “go beyond what I can do: write my Ph.D. thesis (lol)”: I have started to write reports on many subjects dealing with my researches, and I will follow this line until January, 2005, when I will start to write my thesis (3 months);

  • “schedules are schedules, timetables are timetables”: I have a new timetable which seems to work so far;

  • “read more, and more generally, split my time between (at least) work and cultural activities”: my new timetable seems to have fixed this problem;

  • “record my musical works from 1995 to 1997 and begin my new musical project (with Pierre-Jean)”: as you should know, my old musical work SouvImages has been recorded (and I might plan to re-write and re-record it in the future), the others (Zogbad, Bac'96 and Laelith) will be recorded this semester, and my musical project with Pierre-Jean takes a really big place in my present life;

  • “update my previous book, try to write another”: I am currently updating the first book (it will be finished at the end of july) and I may start the new book in october;

  • “blog more regularly”: done!

  • “find time to make physical exercices”: that's another big problem, which will start to be fixed in a few weeks.

  • Well, I can confess that is a good start, and the six following months will be useful to completely fulfill my goals. And I must absolutely find a solution to sleep at night!!
    This review of my old resolutions does not take into account the new projects and activities which I am involved in. I will talk about them later.

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