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Show me the money!

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July 18, 2005

Show me the money!

In an article dealing with knowledge workers, Managing for Creativity by Richard Florida and Jim Goodnight (CEO of SAS Institute), on the Harvard Business Review, can be read:

Stimulate their minds. SAS operates on the belief that invigorating mental work leads to superior performance and, ultimately, better products. It does not try to bribe workers with stock options; it has never offered them. At SAS, the most fitting thanks for a job well done is an even more challenging project.

Okay dokay… So why not not paying them at all? It's stupid. Yes, you can create great products when you are starving, but on day to day, you need to be happy, and being happy necessitates minimal earnings. Stock options offer an opportunity to knowledge workers to become more aware and responsible for the financial future and fate of their company… Why are companies like SAS succeeding? Simple answer that stands front in the title of the article: creativity. So why shouldn't money go to the workforce of the company? Indeed just another stupid theory for the manager to keep all the money. Nevertheless, with a little more money, the ideas inside this article are meat for thought.

(Via Slashdot entry Managing for Creativity)

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