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March 31, 2003

Why I love BASIC

Yes, I agree with Dr. Heinz M. Kabutz:
- “BASIC is for beginners.”
- “BASIC allows global variables.”
- “BASIC supports the GOTO statement.”
- “BASIC is widely understood and supported.”
I learned programming with Microsoft GWBASIC and QBASIC (and QuickBASIC a few months after). It was like a game and I enjoyed creating applications. But that's not because I learned coding with BASIC that I am an awful programmer (I hope so...) and that I put GOTO everywhere, in C language for example. On the contrary, I know when to use GOTO, as explained in the “Kernighan and Ritchie” (we can say GOTO is in my toolbox). I really do not like when a stupid teacher invoke the well-known paper of Dijkstra to say that GOTO is evil!! In general, those teachers are absolutely stupid and bad programmers... Nothing is only black or only white; GOTO also is grey.
So now, we can play with BASIC in Java.

Via Erik's Weblog (Monday, March 31, 2003 [@597])

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