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April 29, 2003

I need to work on my stylesheet

While writing the previous post, it came to my mind I absolutely need a stylesheet which can handle big portion of code, with very long lines. The question is for example: how to automaticaly cut an URL inside an anchor tag?
If I do not find answers with a cascading stylesheet, maybe I will have to write a MT plugin... hum... it would be fun to have a plugin which indent code alone!

Posted by Jean-Philippe on April 29, 2003 15 Comments, 937 TrackBacks

April 28, 2003

Small visual bug corrected

I have fixed a small bug in the stylesheet of this website. Now you can comfortably look at the archives of this blog. But I definitively do not know when I will find time to go on with the refactoring...

Posted by Jean-Philippe on April 28, 2003 20 Comments, 476 TrackBacks

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