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January 02, 2005

Stereotyped or humorous dialect filters

While preparing my entry about styling languages, I re-discovered many dialect translators. For example, if you want plugins for your weblog, you can easily get:

“MovableJive adds the following text filters:”

The Text Filter Suite Plugin for WordPress supports the Pirate way of talking.

If you want more dialects, GNU Talk Filters is a complete package of filter programs “that convert ordinary English text into text that mimics a stereotyped or otherwise humorous dialect”. The Talk Filters are numerous:

Filter nameDescriptionAuthor
austroAustrian (Ahhhhnold)Tom van Nes
b1ffB1FF of Usenet yoreMatt Welsh, David Whitten
brooklynBrooklyn accentDaniel V Klein ('nyc.l')
chefSwedish Chef (from The Muppet Show)John Hagerman
cockneyLondoner accentStephen K Mulrine, Edward Betts ('ken.l'); unknown ('cockney.l'); extensive enhancements by Samuel Stoddard
drawlSouthern drawlAdam Hudd
dubyaGeorge "Dubya" Bushanonymous contribution
fuddElmer Fudd (from the Looney Tunes cartoons)unknown
funetakThick Asian accentEclipse Enterprises
jethroJethro from The Beverly HillbilliesDuane Paulson
jive1970's JiveDaniel V Klein, Clement Cole, with enhancements by Samuel Stoddard
krautGerman accentunknown
pansyEffeminate maleunknown
piratePirate talkOriginal Perl/PHP version by Douglas Gunters, with enhancements by Mark Lindner
postmodernPostmodernist talk ("Feminazi")unknown
redneckCountry redneckBrand Hilton
valspeakValley talkunknown
warezH4x0r codeIan Johnston, with enhancements by Mark Lindner
wrapWord-wrap filterMark Lindner
Note from Jean-Philippe: the wrap filter is not a dialect filter.
The filters were repackaged, integrated, optimized, and documented by Mark Lindner.

To know more about the authors of these filters, have a look at the copyright file (from the filters Debian package).

A few websites doing translation from english to dialects:

Another kind of dictionaries on The Complete Newspeak Dictionary, more politicaly inclined:

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July 08, 2003

Choosing the appropriate words with E.T.s

According to Danny Ayers ("Raw Blog": SETI alert), the use of recent discoverings in linguistics (“Swedish Chef. Bork Bork Bork!” [Google in “Bork, bork, bork!”], Klingon [Google in Klingon], “Personal Syndication” – but I would add: “Elmer Fudd's wanguage” [Google the way of Elmer Fudd], “Hacker's L4|\|GU4G3” [Google the way of Hacker], Pig Latin [Google in Pig Latin]; and we must not forget the “geek code” and the “blogger code” to be more accurate and straightforward with personal syndication) could help us progress faster in the search for extraterrestrial intelligences; what we have to do is just use the good words through SETI:

bork bork bork, borg, blog!

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