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April 28, 2003

After the french japenese restaurant, the real one

Joi Ito went to his favorite restaurant to eat Japanese snapping turtle, or suppon. It looks absolutely delicious, but I must confess it will be very hard to find this kind of meal in a japanese restaurant installed in France, like the one we visited with Valery two weeks ago. Maybe we must start to search for a more expensive one...

(On "Joi Ito's Web": “Japanese Suppon Snapping Turtle at Daiichi”)

A cultural comment here:

The "suppon" snapping turtle is also called "maru" in Kyoto. Now, "maru" in japanese means "circle", hence the brush-stroked circular logo.
Depending on the context, thus, "maru-nabe" might mean either "a round pot" or "suppon stewed in a pot".

And another french fan of japanese food (François Nonnenmacher from "") “wonder[s] why all Japanese restaurants I know of in Paris are limited to the sushi/sashimi/maki/teriyaki quartet?”:

Love that too, but compared to the extent of Japanese food art, isn’t that their equivalent of fast food? It would be like saying that american food is nothing more than what you get at McDonalds!.

There is one answer to my question about good japanese restaurants in Paris in a comment from this site: maybe we should try the Tagawa restaurant (37bis rue Rouelle 75015 PARIS - 01 45 77 85 43).

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April 18, 2003

The japanese restaurant before the WC

After the NMI's meeting, I was supposed to join Valery in a street behind Les Champs Élysées, Paris (where he is actually working). Mister V. was late and difficult to join (no more functional phone), so I made a little trip around his work: bouah... I can say that Les Champs Élysées are beautiful, but the street I explored was ugly.
After that, we went to the Gare de Lyon to manage some things.

The next stage was to find a restaurant to have rest, eat and talk. We choosed a very cool japanese restaurant near the train station.

It was very good (but meantime we were very hungry). After a walk near La Bastille, one of us needed to evacuate water...

Finally, I was obliged to go back home. For me it was direct taking the subway to the Gare de l'Est (and after, the suburbs train)...

... but Valery prefered to walk to go to the nearest RER A station (regional train).

At the diner we talked about our day, work, life, war and last but not least, Wittycube and the Kromacube-OS!

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