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April 08, 2003

A new life for DOS software?

(On "Kuro5hin": “OpenXP: From Shareware to Free Software”):

Return of the living dead

OpenXP is a testimony to the open source model. An ancient DOS application which was already as good as dead was revived and became relevant again simply by being released as open source software. OpenXP now joins the fray of excellent mail/news software that is freely available (such as Ximian's Evolution, KDE's KMail, and the newsreader PAN). That makes you wonder how much other good old DOS software is out there that could be brought back to life.

This article mention the “gift economy”: “a gift economy means everything is free, but it also means that everyone - or almost everyone - must contribute”. A gift economy deals with synergy and reputation too, points which I think are problematic in open source software (partly). Maybe I will write more on my point of view someday.

Posted by Jean-Philippe on April 08, 2003 36 Comments, 446 TrackBacks

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