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June 04, 2003

“Powerful surprises”

On A first look at Ximian Desktop 2:

Next, I checked to see which games Ximian had installed for me. I discovered by clicking on More at the bottom of the list that Ximian had found and added the Devastation and Return to Castle Wolfenstine betas I had previously installed to the menu. It's good to have mission-critical apps just a click away.

Nota: I did not find this story very good, cos the author does not make a difference between Ximian Desktop 2 and the vanilla GNOME 2. Ximian has made a lot of work to improve GNOME 2, and this article does not reflect these hacks (see Interview with Ximian's Nat Friedman on for a better review from one of the creator of this desktop).

(Via A First Look at Ximian Desktop 2)

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