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December 29, 2004

My revenge on spammers

Among many other defences, I have just installed Spam Poison.

An article about “poison pills”: Poisoning The Spammer on Mail Msg (what seems to be a subsection of Internet Tips And Secrets) – this article is available on Developers subsection but with the title Spam: Poison Pill.

Posted by Jean-Philippe on December 29, 2004 4 Comments, 4510 TrackBacks

April 10, 2004

Fighting spam

I am now using James Seng's Bayesian filter for MT to fight spam in comments and trackbacks on this website.
If you see an entry with n comments but you are not able to read these comments, they were actually spam. I will try to fix this small bug soon.

Posted by Jean-Philippe on April 10, 2004 11 Comments, 239 TrackBacks

May 30, 2003

About “Spam Killers”

I read a nice tutorial entitled “SpamAssassin vs. Spastic” about antispam tools on (as usual, comments are very useful).
I do not use a “Spam Killers” because I do not trust them enough. A few weeks ago, I received a message from a co-worker saying that he does not receive my e-mail at time cos it was killed by SpamAssassin (gone to his trash), which is not cool. Another example of the immaturity of this technology for the moment.

Posted by Jean-Philippe on May 30, 2003 33 Comments, 257 TrackBacks

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