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Moving Movable Type to a new host

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January 17, 2004

Moving Movable Type to a new host

I was expecting it would be harder, but no: this is very easy and it worked at first sight!
Before processing to the migration, you can read good stories on On the Job.
The first step is to find a good webhosting service; in France, price are too high, you are considered like a cow (you have to give the cash, that's all) and functionnalities are very poor: it's why I would advice you to take a look at foreign (US) hosting services, especially friendly for hosting Movable Type. DreamHost meets all the needs and goes far beyond ;-).
The next step is to make the backup. There are instructions on the precited weblog, but I am going to be more concise (this procedure is for a MySQL hosted MovableType):

  1. backup your files with a FTP client (the best - and it is free - being SmartFTP);

  2. backup your MT database (it will be easy to dump your database if your webhosting service provides phpMyAdmin; if not... I hope you have a shell access to use mysqldump; in the worse case, you will have to turn back to Movable Type own export function);

  3. install Movable Type on your new host;

  4. empty the newly created MT database from its data (keep the schema) – it will be easy to retrieve the Movable Type default templates here;

  5. restore your old MT database into the new one (in fact, batch SQL INSERT new entries);

  6. upload your additional files (images, files you used in entries, etc.);

  7. login to Movable Type with your previous user and password;

  8. change the absolute path to directories;

  9. rebuilt your website.

That's all, and it works very well!
If you want more (I want more so I will install this system soon), you can explore the continuous backup system for Movable Type explained here.
If you are a DreamHost client, you could find these detailed installation informations usefull (I discoved them after my migration...).

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verry interesting!!!

Posted by difikult tu saj on April 12, 2004 at 08:09 PM (Spam: 0%)

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