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Other reasons why I do not vote

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May 25, 2004

Other reasons why I do not vote

On Peter Saint-Andre's one small voice.

A Program:
Electioneering, or the lack thereof.

I doubt I will vote this year (or, perhaps, ever again). I am beginning to see that seeking change through politics is simply the wrong way to go about remaking the world. Besides, my views are so far outside the mainstream -- or so unlikely to be brought into being through the political process -- that it is pointless to vote. If someone supported the following positions I might be tempted to vote:

* No more foreign adventures. Period. (Note from JPL: 50% agreement)
* Give the schools to the teachers (Note from JPL: 50% agreement, but nevertheless, interesting thoughts)
* Give the courts to the judges. (Note from JPL: 50% agreement)
* Replace fiat money with gold. (Note from JPL: 0% agreement)
* Replace standing armies with local militias. (Note from JPL: 50% agreement)
* Abolish the federal government. (Note from JPL: 0% agreement)

And that's just for starters. :-)

Freedom After Speech:
A day in the life of the USA.

The constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics included the same protections as the constitution of the United States of America (that's plural, thank you very much). The only difference: the Soviet constitution was the political equivalent of toilet paper. There used to be a joke about the Former Soviet Union that they had freedom of speech, too -- they just didn't have freedom after speech. The scary thing is that we're approaching that state in America now. Here is proof positive. Read it and weep for America and what it once stood for, because those days are long gone and we are all part of the system now (Note from JPL: I did not understand all). United Soviets of America?

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