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French keyboard on NetBSD

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February 01, 2005

French keyboard on NetBSD

From The NetBSD Guide, part II. System installation and related issues, chapter 5. The first boot, section 5.3. Changing the keyboard layout:

The keyboard still has the US layout; if you have a different keyboard it's better to change its layout now, before starting to configure the system. For example, to use the [french] keyboard, give the following command:
wsconsctl -k -w encoding=fr

From The NetBSD Guide, part Part V. Building the system, chapter Chapter 27. Console drivers, section 27.1. wscons, subsection 27.1.3. Keyboard mappings:

This setting will last until the next reboot. To make it permanent, add a “encoding” line to /etc/wscons.conf: it will be executed automatically the next time you reboot.
# cp /etc/wscons.conf /etc/wscons.conf.orig
# echo encoding fr >>/etc/wscons.conf

I added keyboard.encoding fr to this file, but it might not be used by NetBSD (can be found in wsconsctl.conf on OpenBSD).

From the wscons.conf(5) man

keyboard kbd – Attach and configure keyboard kbd using wsconscfg -k'. If kbd is - or auto, the first free keyboard will be used.
encoding enc – Set the keyboard map to the given language code enc, using wsconsctl -w encoding=enc. The map must be supported by the keyboard driver in use and must be compiled into the kernel.

And do not forget to activate the wscons driver in the rc.conf file: wscons=yes. From rc.conf(5) man, section Hardware daemons:

wscons – `YES' or `NO'. – Configures the wscons(4) console driver, from the configuration file /etc/wscons.conf.

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