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Powering off the computer with NetBSD

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February 01, 2005

Powering off the computer with NetBSD

You will have to activate APM to use the poweroff command (see the reboot(8) man for more information).

From the NetBSD Documentation, document Power Management for Laptops, section Configuring NetBSD APM Support:

First off, you need to compile a kernel with the APM driver enabled. Add (or uncomment) the following line in your kernel configuration file:
apm0 at mainbus0 # Advanced power management
See how to build a kernel for details on how to build your own kernels.
Once you have a kernel with the APM kernel driver built, run the apm daemon (apmd) at boot time by setting the apmd variable /etc/rc.conf to YES.

Note: in order to just be able to run the poweroff command, I did not have to put the apmd variable in the rc.conf file.

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