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Blog is back! New resolutions

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January 17, 2004

Blog is back! New resolutions

Ouff!!! Back to the blogosphere! Happy New Year!
For those of you who did not know, my notebook disappeared in early december, following a DNS change made by my previous hosting service ( They never contacted me to inform my humble person of this modification, and furthermore, they took two weeks to answer my e-mails! Moreover, they loose my blog entries for december... and among them was a very long story about my modem crash. :'-( I will have to write it down again, but not for the moment...
I am now hosted by DreamHost, an USA hosting service, and I have a very big plan. DreamHost is unbelievable, they have a incredible web interface to manage the plan (full of goodies that you can only found in professional hosting services – press release here, tour here), they are cheap, they work and answer very fast, users seem to be very satisfied (they are in the business since 1997), they have many forums and a wonderful knowledge base. I will now host friends and family, the first being Cédric. I heard of DreamHost on Peter Saint-Andre's weblog (I changed of hosting service a few days after him... but I forgot to use his id for him to get advantages offered by the reward system - if you read this someday, excuse me :-|). DreamHost is a “Silver Sponsor” of the JSF (Jabber Software Foundation), a good point to note (they offer Jabber services on all hosting plans – press release here) – Peter Saint-Andre is not only a philosopher, but a Jabber guru too. I will write a story later about the migration/reinstallation/update of my previous Movable Type installation (and other things worth saying for this new year...), but now, I just want to write down my new resolutions; here they are:

  • sleep less, do not work at night;

  • go beyond what I can do: write my Ph.D. thesis (lol); this is linked to the next item...

  • schedules are schedules, timetables are timetables;

  • read more, and more generally, split my time between (at least) work and cultural activities;

  • record my musical works from 1995 to 1997 and begin my new musical project (with Pierre-Jean);

  • update my previous book, try to write another;

  • blog more regularly;

  • find time to make physical exercices.

A long list, but for the moment, this is beginning good! The hard work is to keep these resolutions all the year long (and go beyond words: instanciation).

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