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Creativity while being overwhelmed by wolves

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July 19, 2005

Creativity while being overwhelmed by wolves

On gapingvoid:how to be creative:
People walking past the bar on the way to the bathroom would see this jittery, unkempt guy in a tweed jacket on a barstool, doodling furiously and wonder what was up. Sometimes they’d look at my work. Sometimes it would be met with entusiasm, sometimes not. Often I was asked if I publish. I’d say no, I don’t.
Saying no would invariably get me a funny look. Why was I bothering doing something this involved if I wasn’t planning on publishing it? This is New York, dammit; you’re supposed to have a master plan for world domination etc.

Cool entry, but it seems to me that Google is a counter example of some ideas found inside this story: the author says “Don't try to stand out from the crowd; avoid crowds altogether.”, however we all know that everybody thought that the search market was overwhelmed by competitors when Google started to serve its first search requests. My conclusion is: forget the crowd if you think that you can do better, goal whose accomplishment needs you to be creative (more than the others).

And the conclusion of the author: “meaning scales”.

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