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Work and Life Balance: work in progress

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July 29, 2005

Work and Life Balance: work in progress

On Feld Thoughts in Discovering Work Life Balance:

As I discovered what balance meant to me, the rules evolved into a set of habits which – among others – include (1) Spend Time Away, (2) Life Dinner, (3) Segment Space, (4) Be Present, and (5) Meditate.

I am going to be a bit caricatural, but:

  1. Spend Time Away: necessitates money!
  2. Life Dinner: necessitates money!
  3. Segment Space: necessitates money!
  4. Be present: necessitates not to worry about money!
  5. Medidate: necessitates not to worry about money!

I agree with all these points, but everything is not always possible. For example, how can one segment space between work and life if one can not have a real desk at home because of the price of space? Definitely, I wonder why these advices are always targeting rich people…

Nevertheless, I think the next week is going to be a good start in the search for W/L Balance: trip to Brugge with Marie at the end of the week and diner with Cédric before our departure.

(Via Finding Work and Life Balance)

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Youpi !!! Dans 3 jours on est en vacances !! De vraies vacances sans ordinateur ! Si, si, ça doit être possible, je vous le confirmerai dès notre retour...
Promis on enverra des cartes postales !
Bonnes vacances à ceux qui en ont, bon travail pour les autres...

Posted by Marie on August 02, 2005 at 01:41 PM (Spam: 0%)


Chose promise, chose due, je confirme c'est possible et vraiment reposant aussi pour l'ordinateur...
Un petit conseil, visitez Brugge, ça vaut le coup d'oeil...

Posted by Marie on August 25, 2005 at 01:56 PM (Spam: 0%)

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